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Reflections of our Digital leaders

Teaching the teachers that have already taught us was quite a laugh really, but there was still the important side to it which was showing the teachers the importance of the site. This was great fun and I can’t wait to see everybody trying these websites. 🙂
By Oscar

I think that Skitch is a great app for lots of lessons to label. I also think it is pretty good for lots of other lessons.
By Finn

I think Skitch is an amazing app for lots of uses in the classroom like annotating.
By Blake


DLs leading the learning

Recently, the DLs ran workshops showing and sharing good learning with a number of apps on the iPads. We looked at Book Creator, Morfo Booth, Explain Everything and Skitch. This is our second worshop that we have been teaching staff about not only how to use the apps and their functions but what areas of the curriculum they would be good for. We are getting much better at making suggestions as we become more familiar with the apps. The teachers seemed to enjoy what they saw and took notes. We are available to help if they need to when they use them with their classes. Some of us have already led the learning in a Year 4 class to show the class how to use Publisher.

PuppetPals teacher training sessions

This was out first training sessions for teachers. We all knew the app PuppetPals and had some really great ideas how teachers could use it in the classroom which we wanted to share. We were very excited and hope that the teachers got a lot out of the session. First we had to review the app and think how it could be used. Then we had to make sure we understood how to create a puppetpal movie. Once we had done this, we then had to share this knowledge with the teachers who came into our drop in teaching session. Hopefully this is the first of many….