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Difficult decision – but nobody loses out!

I am very proud of all of my DLs – their commitment, diligence and sense of fun!  The task was set and boy did they rise to the challenge!  Several presentations, ideas and suggestions later and I have decided to select Rubie, Bethany, Blake and Ollie to accompany me to West of England ICT conference next Thursday to help me present a seminar.  Although I couldn’t take them all, we will be including videos from the remaining DLs in our presentation (so in effect they will all play an important role).  The children will  be presenting their journey of what it is like to be a Digital Leader and how their role enhances ICT learning with children and adults alike. We all think this is an exciting opportunity to showcase Westbury Leigh school to other schools, head teachers, teachers and anyone who loves all things ICT!

Forgot to mention our badges – they have arrived and have been given out for our DLs to proudly wear.  They look splendid!!

WL DL Logo


Why should there be DLs in schools?

This was a question I asked of my Digital leaders. I wanted to get their perspective of the importance of their role within a primary school setting.

  • Dls provide benefit to learning for all digital technology users
  • They allow staff to extend their knowledge and have support with digital technology
  • It provides experience for later life to the DLs

(Bethany Y5)

Every school should have Digital Leaders because it will help the school ICT for everyone even for the staff. All of our Digital Leaders are happy to help with anything to do with ICT. The DL’s helped set up our library system Junior Libarian. So that’s why I think every school should have Digital Leaders.

(Ollie Y3)

I think you should have digital leaders because they help you with ICT. It makes the children feel important and builds their confidence and skills.

(Blake Y5)

For those schools who are considering ways to improve pupil voice, ICT confidence and provide sustainable CPD for colleagues – this is certainly one way of doing all three!

Preparing for the West of England ICT Conference

Mrs Newbury has a huge dilemma as to who to choose to help her present at the West of England ICT conference on Thursday 27th June in Bristol. There are currently 8 Digital leaders but only 4 can go, so how to choose? Mrs Newbury set us a task to help her decide. She gave us headings and questions and then we had to go and think of the best way to present them to her. Here are some of our presentations – we hope you enjoy them! Hopefully there will be more to come soon….watch this space!
DLPresentation (Ollie Y3)

DLPresentation (Blake Y5)

DL presentation (Bethany)

Reflections of our Digital leaders

Teaching the teachers that have already taught us was quite a laugh really, but there was still the important side to it which was showing the teachers the importance of the site. This was great fun and I can’t wait to see everybody trying these websites. 🙂
By Oscar

I think that Skitch is a great app for lots of lessons to label. I also think it is pretty good for lots of other lessons.
By Finn

I think Skitch is an amazing app for lots of uses in the classroom like annotating.
By Blake

DLs leading the learning

Recently, the DLs ran workshops showing and sharing good learning with a number of apps on the iPads. We looked at Book Creator, Morfo Booth, Explain Everything and Skitch. This is our second worshop that we have been teaching staff about not only how to use the apps and their functions but what areas of the curriculum they would be good for. We are getting much better at making suggestions as we become more familiar with the apps. The teachers seemed to enjoy what they saw and took notes. We are available to help if they need to when they use them with their classes. Some of us have already led the learning in a Year 4 class to show the class how to use Publisher.

First jobs…

Job request sheets have been distributed to teachers and office staff and our first job is to set up the computer for Junior Librarian each morning, ready for children to change their library books. We then have to set up the TV screen in the entrance of our school which shows photographs of recent events in and out of school. This is a great way to showcase all the great things we do at Westbury Leigh School. Mrs Newbury is going to train us to use new equipment and software and then for us to show teachers and children – very exciting!

Our new role

Digital leaders is really fun, our aim is to get people in different schools to do it with us!!!
I am always excited about the equipment we have to use!!! I like testing apps on the iPads too!

One of aims as digital leaders is to get more people to use ICT 🙂

Being a digital leader is fun we should use it in other schools.

I am a digital leader and have been asked to post review of an app on this blog I am going to review an app that raps about times tables out of ten i would give it a 5 because I think pupils would just laugh and they wouldn’t really learn from it .


Do you think we should use a pupil questionnaire to find out what they want us to do as digital leaders and what they think about ict in our school ? Oscar

At our next meeting, Oscar, digital leaders can design a questionnaire for children/staff to complete. I’ll add that to our agenda. Mrs N.

First thoughts…

I am really looking forward to my role as a digital leader and very excited to be trying out the new equipment before anyone else knows about it 🙂 Oscar

Fulfilling ambitions

Today’s meeting was full of inspiring ideas from our DL’s. They hope to write what their ambition (a current school theme)for their new role will be as well as wanting to find out what their peer’s ambitions are with regard to digital learning. They believe they can help fulfil others’ ambitions which is a fantastic ethos from primary school children – brilliant!