Why should there be DLs in schools?

This was a question I asked of my Digital leaders. I wanted to get their perspective of the importance of their role within a primary school setting.

  • Dls provide benefit to learning for all digital technology users
  • They allow staff to extend their knowledge and have support with digital technology
  • It provides experience for later life to the DLs

(Bethany Y5)

Every school should have Digital Leaders because it will help the school ICT for everyone even for the staff. All of our Digital Leaders are happy to help with anything to do with ICT. The DL’s helped set up our library system Junior Libarian. So that’s why I think every school should have Digital Leaders.

(Ollie Y3)

I think you should have digital leaders because they help you with ICT. It makes the children feel important and builds their confidence and skills.

(Blake Y5)

For those schools who are considering ways to improve pupil voice, ICT confidence and provide sustainable CPD for colleagues – this is certainly one way of doing all three!


About nickynewbury

I am a mum, primary teacher, ICT co-ordinator and AHT.

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