PuppetPals teacher training sessions

This was out first training sessions for teachers. We all knew the app PuppetPals and had some really great ideas how teachers could use it in the classroom which we wanted to share. We were very excited and hope that the teachers got a lot out of the session. First we had to review the app and think how it could be used. Then we had to make sure we understood how to create a puppetpal movie. Once we had done this, we then had to share this knowledge with the teachers who came into our drop in teaching session. Hopefully this is the first of many….


About nickynewbury

I am a mum, primary teacher, ICT co-ordinator and AHT.

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  1. I’m a DL in a secondary school (JHNCC) and Im really impressed with the work that your doing here, training teachers is great fun too! In my session that we ran with our teachers, there was only a few teachers there but yours looks quite a bit busier, so well done. They all look really interested too just to double my congratulations to you.

    Hope you’re enjoying your roles as digital leaders! I look forward to seeing what else you get up to.

    I’d be really interested to talk to you about this training session, could you ask your teacher to tweet us on @JHNCC_dls or drop me an email because I want to know how you did so well!

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