Monthly Archives: October 2012

First jobs…

Job request sheets have been distributed to teachers and office staff and our first job is to set up the computer for Junior Librarian each morning, ready for children to change their library books. We then have to set up the TV screen in the entrance of our school which shows photographs of recent events in and out of school. This is a great way to showcase all the great things we do at Westbury Leigh School. Mrs Newbury is going to train us to use new equipment and software and then for us to show teachers and children – very exciting!


Our new role

Digital leaders is really fun, our aim is to get people in different schools to do it with us!!!
I am always excited about the equipment we have to use!!! I like testing apps on the iPads too!

One of aims as digital leaders is to get more people to use ICT 🙂

Being a digital leader is fun we should use it in other schools.

I am a digital leader and have been asked to post review of an app on this blog I am going to review an app that raps about times tables out of ten i would give it a 5 because I think pupils would just laugh and they wouldn’t really learn from it .